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  • He has worked for some of the most notable & enduring brands in the world: Mentor Graphics, Intel, IBM, Sun/ Oracle, & HP. Having worked for a decade in the US and managed Europe/ APAC, his experience is largely global as well as multi-cultural.

    Sandeep’s session was extremely useful for the marketers and they learnt about Search Advertising and how it can be implemented as a part of the overall digital marketing strategy specifically Google adwords, Google quality score, Ad targeting, Advanced search and use of advanced search modifiers, Long tail of search.

    Sandeep Sharma has been a part of the global IT & Hi-Tech industry for over 20 years. During this period, he has dabbled in a variety of segments of the tech industry in broad based leadership roles, securing insights & expertise in Digital Marketing, Product/ Services/ Technologies Marketing, GTM Strategy, Branding, Marcom, Thought-leadership, AR/ PR, Strategic Business Development, Global Alliances, Business & Competitive Strategy, etc.

    The session was highly appreciated by the marketers.

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  • Brandonomy is a platform to inculcate the seed of sharing, supporting, encouraging & recognizing the brand marketers; brand marketing leaders. Brandonomy is for the marketers where they can exchange views and experiences on latest and upcoming marketing trends and realities, learn from each other and become better informed in the process. (Of course anybody interested in the proceedings like marketing consultants, product managers, market watchers can be part of it.) It is going to develop as an educational platform where the real issues faced by the marketers come to the fore. Well known marketing strategists/professionals and thought leaders from India and abroad, are going to be speakers in the Brandonomy meet ups, sharing their knowledge and insights on marketing.

    Speakers are mostly the Founders, Entrepreneurs, Marketing thought leaders and senior professionals from marketing and the audience are the marketing professionals from mid to large corporate, founders of startups, aspiring entrepreneurs and vendors to the corporate.

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  • Sudharsan is currently the Commercial Marketing Head at Dell India. He has spent more than a decade at Dell, internationally & India in roles under the Sales and Marketing umbrella. Currently, Sudharsan leads Dell India’s Commercial Marketing mandate where he is responsible for brand positioning, customer & partner acquisition/retention activities, delivering campaign & demand generation results and supporting overall business goals. Previously, Sudharsan was based in Singapore in the capacity of Regional Marketing Director- Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell where he led a team of senior regional marketers managing end-user-computing products in APJ focused on Dell’s Client Solutions business. His responsibilities included; driving regional marketing programs across customer segments to maximize growth and P&L results. Sudharsan works closely with India Leadership to deliver the corporate message & positioning Dell’s end-to-end solution portfolio.

    Brandonomy organized the session in association with Jain University.

    The key nuggets from his session can be extracted from this Video.

  • Vivek recently received “100 Most Influential National Leaders in Marketing” citation by CMO Asia. In his current role Vivek heads Marketing at Giftxoxo.com. He carries an entrepreneurial spirit which is very much evident in his work style.

    Vivek comes with experience in varied functions like Marketing, Products and Strategy. His strength lies in building corporate value, value measured in aggressive strategic marketing in existing and new market sectors. He has remarkable strength to conceive and implement the strategic marketing plans to identify new market opportunities, initiate product and service introductions, and negotiate strategic partnerships to drive market expansion and revenue growth.

    The key points in his discussion are:

    • Channels of low cost marketing
    • Strategies by which a marketer could make his marketing efforts effective
    • Live case studies of Giftxoxo.com

    There were forty marketers in the session and the session was highly appreciated.

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  • Brandonomy in association with Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Bangalore organized the CSR and Brand Strategy Panel Discussion where the audience witnessed an elite panelists from Cognizant, Tesco, Xchanging, Brillio and Manipal Foundation.

    The Moderator: Abhishek Ranjan

    With 10+ years of CSR, Marketing and Industry Relations experience, He is currently leading Global Corporate Social Responsibility and BFSI Industry Marketing for Brillio Technology. He has served on the board of non-profits and CSR/IT committees of CII Karnataka, BCIC, and NASSCOM.

    The Panelists:

    Bala Warrier

    Bala holds an engineering degree from India and Masters from University of Florida. He has 50 yrs of global exposure in working/ senior level management experience in India US, UK and Middle East

    He is currently the CEO of Manipal Foundation and former Founder Director of United Way of India Blr Chapter. Former Ranji Cricketer and National Level Badminton player Still active at Club level sports and Cultural Activities.

    Shiwani Varma Vyas

    Shiwani is a result oriented strategic integrated communications specialist with 14+ years of experience, having worked on both the agency and corporate environments. As an in-house B2B marketing communications leader at Minacs and Xchanging, Shiwani has driven ROI focused multi-channel marketing and thought leadership campaigns. Shiwani holds two specialist post graduate qualifications in Public Relations from Xaviers Institute of Communications, and in Sales & Marketing from NIS Sparta.

    Deepak Prabhu Matti

    Deepak is currently heading Business Performance Management for a Horizontal business unit at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He is working with Cognizant since 12 years. Prior to Cognizant, Deepak was working with Wipro Technologies for 8 years. He has played multiple roles in Cognizant’s CSR program over the last 7 years, trying to work with the Corporate CSR team in driving volunteering and Cognizant Foundation work in Bangalore.

    Aniisu K. Verghese

    Aniisu is an internal communication expert, author and consultant and has over sixteen years of experience in the evolving internal communications and social media domains with leading retail, IT, financial services and consulting organizations. He currently serves as the Corporate Communications and CSR Lead for Tesco Bengaluru, the technology and operations team of Tesco, one of the world’s largest retailers. He is the recipient of the 2015 PR Hall of Fame Award at the 9th Global Communication Conclave of the Public Relations Council of India (PRCI).

    The panel discussed following question during the roundtable:

    • What CSR can do for Corporate Reputation?
    • The days of not communicating CSR developments are numbered because the marketplace is steadily demanding greater transparency. Where should we draw the Lakshmana Rekha when it comes to CSR communication?
    • Many organizations are now housing CSR functions under their Corporate Communication or Marketing divisions. The role of marketer/communicator in the CSR world is a part negotiator, part arbitrator, part diplomat.
    • CSR without the HR angle is simply PR. That is to say, if employees are not engaged, CSR becomes a PR exercise.
    • CSR communication efforts will likely evolve from a cause branding strategy to a broader, more encompassing communication plan.
    • How to amplify CSR communication
    • Some of the key takeaways of the event:
    • There is a strong linkage between CSR and reputation and ignoring this phenomenon is a missed opportunity. Many feel that doing good work and not talking about it is the right approach. My take is that if you do good work the word will spread even if you want to keep it under wraps. The best channel is within and your own employees are your most authentic advocates. Nothing can be beat authenticity and transparency when it comes to CSR.
    • CSR communication is a lot to do with culture. In parts like India where service is expected to be done without much fanfare, communicating about your CSR work can seem like publicity and self-promotion. There shouldn’t be any Lakshman Rekha (line of control) for CSR communication. It is important to communicate the why and the how rather than just that the ‘what’ for CSR.
    • Organizations can’t suddenly gain CSR consciousness – one of the panellists mentioned how a friend of his on joining a start-up was asked to do CSR because it was now the ‘buzz’ and they also needed to get funding and look ‘good’ in front of investors. If CSR is in your DNA it will come across as credible. If you fake it chances are that people will notice and you may not be able to sustain it in the long run. Get CSR into everyday life – add it to your performance measures, remind employees what they can do more, encourage their individual commitment for the causes they support in their personal capacity and inculcate a habit of giving.
    • With the 2% CSR guidelines coming into play in Indiamany organizations are now housing CSR functions under their Corporate Communication or Marketing divisions. The role of the marketer/communicator is beginning to evolve. They now need to gain a better understanding of the function, engage stakeholders beyond the usual remit, demonstrate abilities to negotiate, partner, influence, involve and tell stories in ways that matter for the brand.
    • To amplify CSR communication the organization needs to make the effort visible and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. Message content is as important as the channel. If the focus is on commitment, impact and fit the communication will be well received and valued. The key point is to overcome stakeholder skepticism that the communication isn’t about ‘selling’ and more about explaining the context, consistency and durability of the CSR work. CSR communication should be factual to avoid being labelled as ‘bragging’. You can include CSR in almost any channel or avenue – packaging, campus branding, alumni communication, vendor engagement, third party endorsements among others. Word of mouth is the most effective approach to get the message around. Social media is crucial for the success of CSR although it needs to be employee led and less by the corporate communication team. Research studies have demonstrated that the reach of social media posts by employees is 8X times those of corporate accounts.
    • Many organizations do cause related branding and marketing and the trend is shifting towards CSR communication. In my view, cause branding is temporary and short term while CSR communication has long term value and impact. There is also skepticism associated with cause branding because there is usually a direct profit associated with the cause and effect for the brand (i.e., every sale is associated with a portion of funds going to charity etc). The fit and the value must be very closely integrated for the cause to be accepted by customers. Also with many companies now associating with causes to further their brands fatigue sets in quickly. Brands can’t be built overnight on CSR. It either needs to be in the DNA or it will never be perceived as authentic. There are 3 strategies which research points out – stakeholder information, response and involvement. Involvement is the most evolved strategy since it is about co-creating the outcomes.


  • In association with Christ University and Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Brandonomy organized an edition of its event named “Building Sales Pipeline using Social Media” aimed at building a larger community comprising all professionals and enthusiasts involved in branding activities like building brand equities, nourishing the brands using nourishment tools and analytics in Bengaluru. It was quite a well attended event.

    Brandonomy is a unique platform for brands, brand marketing professionals as well as brand enthusiasts. It is building a community of brand marketers where the brand marketing thought leaders, the seasoned brand marketing professionals create circles of networks towards a specific cause of paying it forward; to share knowledge, ideas, insights, trends by encouraging, acknowledging and supporting.

    It seemed to fill a much needed space in the vibrant start-up ecosystem in and around Bengaluru where brands and branding is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Mr. Abhishek Ranjan from Brillio Technologies touched the right chords with audience which was very enthusiastic and interactive. Abhishek is currently the Global Marketing Manager-BFSI and Head CSR at Brillio Technologies. Events like BRANDONOMY are really welcome in the future too. Share your comments and feedback with us.

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  • A unique platform for marketers

    Brandonomy is going to be a platform for marketers where they can exchange views and experiences on marketing trends and realities, learn from each other and become better informed in the process. (Of course anybody interested in the proceedings like marketing consultants, product managers, market watchers can be part of it.) It is going to develop as an educational platform where the real issues faced by us come to the fore. I hear, well known marketing strategists/professionals and thought leaders from India and abroad, are going to be speakers in the Brandonomy meet ups, sharing their knowledge and insights on marketing. The informal set up of the meet ups is very conducive to open up and learn in a relaxed way unlike in sprawling seminars where audience members rarely get a chance to connect with the speakers on a one to one basis. I also see Brandonomy as a great networking opportunity. Do I need to point out that networking and marketing go hand in hand?

    Problems faced by marketers like me

    If you are a marketer like me, you would understand the real challenges faced by real marketeers day in and day out. You literally have to be on your toes, listening and looking sharp, alert, not missing anything that is going on around you, keeping an eye on marketing trends on social networks, reading up material on marketing, attending webinars and seminars whenever possible…and yet try as hard as we might things do slip our vigil. And the eternal problem of meeting ROI targets! I recently came to know of an initiative to build up a community of marketers in Bangalore looking into these challenges, called Brandonomy that I found really interesting and so thought of sharing it with you.

    Timings and procedure of the meet ups

    As of now it has been decided that the Brandonomy meetings will be held on the second or third Saturday of every month. We have to get ourselves registered online in advance or one hour before the meeting commences on an ad hoc basis. And it is a good idea to get registered early as the number of attendees is mostly limited to 30 (necessary to maintain the informality of the meetings and to ensure that the attendees reap real benefits from the meets).

    Kudos to Brandonomy

    The first Brandonomy meet up is to be organized shortly and I plan to make full use of this unique opportunity. Every profession and business, benefits from forums and platforms looking after their interests. Isn’t it high time marketeers too build a community to discuss and solve challenges affecting them?

    Let Brandonomy mark the beginning of such a community!!!

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  • He gave the expert advice on the strategies the startups should adopt while marketing. He has shared many useful tips to around forty marketers present for the session.

    Parth heads the marketing team at Jifflenow and brings in considerable experience in the tech marketing space for products as well as services. In this capacity, he manages brand and marketing strategy, investments, campaigns, and product evangelism. Prior to joining Jifflenow, Parth was senior product marketer at ad tech startup, Vizury and he has also worked at Adobe, Cognizant, and Infosys.

    Check out his presentation at Slideshare. Join our Meetup Group.

    Here’s a link to the blog that Parth has written on what he spoke at the session.

  • Ms Jermina Menon has over two decades of brand experience. Currently, she is the Head Marketing for Reliance Retail Ltd. (Vision Express), one of India’s leading optical chains with a network of 162 stores across 30 cities. Prior to this assignment, Jermina was in the shopping centre marketing and has handled the marketing for Mantri Square mall, one of India’s largest malls and Forum Mall, Bangalore.

    Retail Marketing – How the Brick and Mortar Stores Are Handling the Tough Competitions from E-Commerce Businesses

    Ms Neha Lobo an “Astute Sales & Marketing Professional” with a dynamic career spanning over 19 years in ensuring consistent growth in sales revenues through planning and strategic sales. She is currently the Marketing Leader for Commerce, Social & Mobile Business at IBM. She spoke to the marketers on ‘The new age buyer and the importance of the New way of marketing’. 

    Both the speakers at the Brandonomy session presented the changed scenarios of the buyer and the importance of both the brick & mortar and e-commerce businesses.

  • Interactive Marketing refers to the evolving trend in marketing whereby marketing has moved from a transaction-based effort to a conversation. We at Brandonomy did a session on Interactive Marketing on 28th April. The speaker of the session was Ms. Nidhi Bhasin who is currently the Associate Director, Mobile Marketing at Flipkart. She has worked at the companies like Café Coffee Day, TVS Motors, YouTube and Google to drive their business online and on mobile. In her decade long digital experience, her key focus has been to help businesses and individuals leverage maximum business impact through mobile and the online medium.

    In the session, she has given few very important nuggets on Interactive marketing to a group of 45 who was also eager to know more about Flipkart as a case study. Overall, it was a very interesting, highly interactive session. Nevertheless, should we even mention about the networking opportunity!

    The Brandonomy Community is growing !

  • Importance of Data in Marketing and Why Data Driven Marketing is an Effective Tool for the Marketers

    As a part of the various meet ups, campaigns and events which Brandonomy does, we identified a critical challenge faced by today’s marketers is how effectively they can use data they have possessed through various campaigns. Keeping in mind, we thought of organizing a meet up on the same subject. We were fortunate enough to get hold of Dr. Subhasish Sircar, who has done and is extensively using data for his company. Dr. Sircar is currently an  entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in innovation, new product development, and developing new business in emerging markets; leadership experience in marketing, finance, and operations, spanning various industries such as healthcare, aerospace, automotive, advanced materials, manufacturing, retail and IT. He holds a PhD from Michigan State University and MBA in marketing and finance from University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School. His company Health Vectors was in the first batch to be incubated under Gennext Innovation Hub [Reliance Industries Ltd. and Microsoft Ventures Partnership].

    He has delivered his session at Brandonomy on  “Importance of Data in Marketing and Why Data Driven Marketing is an Effective Tool for the Marketers” with ‘Health Vector’ case study. There was a glued audience of 35 marketing enthusiasts including marketing experts from multinational corporations who have faced such challenges to the founders of startups who would like to learn about marketing to grow their startups.

    It was also a wonderful forum for like-minded peer networking and to find collaborations, support and solutions.