Learn Search Advertising as part of Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy with Sandeep Sharma from HP

Jun 15 2018

He has worked for some of the most notable & enduring brands in the world: Mentor Graphics, Intel, IBM, Sun/ Oracle, & HP. Having worked for a decade in the US and managed Europe/ APAC, his experience is largely global as well as multi-cultural.

Sandeep’s session was extremely useful for the marketers and they learnt about Search Advertising and how it can be implemented as a part of the overall digital marketing strategy specifically Google adwords, Google quality score, Ad targeting, Advanced search and use of advanced search modifiers, Long tail of search.

Sandeep Sharma has been a part of the global IT & Hi-Tech industry for over 20 years. During this period, he has dabbled in a variety of segments of the tech industry in broad based leadership roles, securing insights & expertise in Digital Marketing, Product/ Services/ Technologies Marketing, GTM Strategy, Branding, Marcom, Thought-leadership, AR/ PR, Strategic Business Development, Global Alliances, Business & Competitive Strategy, etc.

The session was highly appreciated by the marketers.

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