Building A Brand Marketers Community – An Initiative Supported By Sponsorsource

Apr 08 2016

Brandonomy is a platform to inculcate the seed of sharing, supporting, encouraging & recognizing the brand marketers; brand marketing leaders. Brandonomy is for the marketers where they can exchange views and experiences on latest and upcoming marketing trends and realities, learn from each other and become better informed in the process. (Of course anybody interested in the proceedings like marketing consultants, product managers, market watchers can be part of it.) It is going to develop as an educational platform where the real issues faced by the marketers come to the fore. Well known marketing strategists/professionals and thought leaders from India and abroad, are going to be speakers in the Brandonomy meet ups, sharing their knowledge and insights on marketing.

Speakers are mostly the Founders, Entrepreneurs, Marketing thought leaders and senior professionals from marketing and the audience are the marketing professionals from mid to large corporate, founders of startups, aspiring entrepreneurs and vendors to the corporate.

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