Brandonomy: Uniting the Marketers in Bangalore

Sep 02 2015

A unique platform for marketers

Brandonomy is going to be a platform for marketers where they can exchange views and experiences on marketing trends and realities, learn from each other and become better informed in the process. (Of course anybody interested in the proceedings like marketing consultants, product managers, market watchers can be part of it.) It is going to develop as an educational platform where the real issues faced by us come to the fore. I hear, well known marketing strategists/professionals and thought leaders from India and abroad, are going to be speakers in the Brandonomy meet ups, sharing their knowledge and insights on marketing. The informal set up of the meet ups is very conducive to open up and learn in a relaxed way unlike in sprawling seminars where audience members rarely get a chance to connect with the speakers on a one to one basis. I also see Brandonomy as a great networking opportunity. Do I need to point out that networking and marketing go hand in hand?

Problems faced by marketers like me

If you are a marketer like me, you would understand the real challenges faced by real marketeers day in and day out. You literally have to be on your toes, listening and looking sharp, alert, not missing anything that is going on around you, keeping an eye on marketing trends on social networks, reading up material on marketing, attending webinars and seminars whenever possible…and yet try as hard as we might things do slip our vigil. And the eternal problem of meeting ROI targets! I recently came to know of an initiative to build up a community of marketers in Bangalore looking into these challenges, called Brandonomy that I found really interesting and so thought of sharing it with you.

Timings and procedure of the meet ups

As of now it has been decided that the Brandonomy meetings will be held on the second or third Saturday of every month. We have to get ourselves registered online in advance or one hour before the meeting commences on an ad hoc basis. And it is a good idea to get registered early as the number of attendees is mostly limited to 30 (necessary to maintain the informality of the meetings and to ensure that the attendees reap real benefits from the meets).

Kudos to Brandonomy

The first Brandonomy meet up is to be organized shortly and I plan to make full use of this unique opportunity. Every profession and business, benefits from forums and platforms looking after their interests. Isn’t it high time marketeers too build a community to discuss and solve challenges affecting them?

Let Brandonomy mark the beginning of such a community!!!

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