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How Micro Influencers are changing the game

March 5th, 2019


Influence is Power.

It might be confusing to understand how influencers can be termed ‘micro’. The reality is that, once Influencers reach millions of followers on Instagram, the engagement and trust level reduce drastically. It’s difficult for audiences to relate to influencers who are basically social media celebrities.

That’s where Micro Influencers come in. They have visibly fewer thousands of followers but are much more connected to their audience. The level of trust the audience places in the hands of Micro Influencers is also much higher.

Brands are now realizing the significance of working with Micro Influencers, as they provide authentic promotions for products and services.

Here’s why Micro Influencers are rising above their sundry subscriber counterparts:

  • They are affordable!

    Brands can afford to work with Micro Influencers as they charge significantly lesser than Influencers who boast a higher number of followers. Staying within your budget is especially important if you’re a start up or small business, so it’s advisable to connect with Micro Influencers.

  • Higher levels of engagement

    Micro Influencers have a more intimate relationship with their audience as compared to celebrities. Audiences would rather trust Micro Influencers than celebs. Micro Influencers use authentic storytelling techniques blended with creative content, making them trustworthy and easier to relate to.

  • Easier to Access

    It is much easier to connect to a Micro Influencer than a social media celeb, who might not have the time to reply to everyone that requests for a collaboration.

  • Directed Promotion

    Micro Influencers usually run blogs/profiles on a certain interest, be it lifestyle, food, fashion and the like. Brands can connect with Micro Influencers for promotions according to the target audience of their choice. Influencer Marketing is a relatively new concept of marketing but has already taken over social media in leaps and bounds. With this pull method of advertising, brands see more opportunity investing in Influencers.