About Us

About Us

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    Trailblazing the gateway for a global marketing community and establishing a treasure cove for marketing enthusiasts.

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    To share and exchange ideas, knowledge, insights and trends curated by brand marketing professionals.

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    Promoting and stimulating learning, while connecting marketing aficionados across the globe through paying it forward!


Our sole purpose is to create, maintain and expand a community of brand marketers by sharing, supporting, encouraging, recognizing and learning from brand marketing leaders.

Brandonomy provides a platform where marketers can exchange views and experiences on latest and upcoming marketing trends and realities, learn from each other and become better informed in the same process.

Brandonomy brings together the best of the best marketing strategists/professionals, founders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from India and abroad. We organize conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings and panel discussions.

Brandonomy conducts events in various cities in India and abroad aiming to achieve their purpose of building a global community that brings together social impact with business objective and opportunities promoting the concept of ‘shared value’.

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