The true value of YouTube Marketing

  • The true value of YouTube Marketing

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

    Let’s begin with the basics:

    • What IS YouTube?
      It is an American owned video-sharing website.
    • How does one use YouTube?
      One can either create a channel and upload/share videos on it OR they can get on the website and search for videos they want to view.

    Sounds pretty effortless right?

    YouTube today has emerged as a powerful marketing tool with incredible reach. The efficacy of video marketing can’t go unnoticed as it’s victories have been demonstrated by various artists, musicians, celebrities, comedians etc. Small businesses too, have recently discovered the perks of using YouTube’s feature, Inbound Marketing.

    YouTube has high traffic volumes and positive mass appeal and so, First and Foremost, you would need to have a video on hand. A good quality, creative video with a purpose is destined for greatness if you market it right. Any company is bound to receive improbable exposure through YouTube, considering its reach is far more inclusive than even the Television.

    YouTube Insights provide intricate details about how your strategy pans out including the popularity of your video, who is viewing it, where those viewers are coming from and what keywords they used to find your video.

    Google owns YouTube. That in itself speaks volumes. Using the two platforms could be your golden ticket. Search Engine Rankings and Keywords need to be a part of your Inbound Marketing Strategy.

    Lastly, since YouTube makes sharing videos easy, you need to integrate the same with other social media platforms, thus ensuring that your business exposure increases consistently. The more popularity your video receives, the higher it will rank and the better the chance that associated links will be clicked, which will also grow your online business presence.

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