Learning the Importance of Brand Equity from APPLE Inc.

  • Learning the Importance of Brand Equity from APPLE Inc.

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

    There’s no arguing that Apple Inc. is quite possibly the King of brands. Created by two college dropouts who had to borrow money to build their first computers, the Company was built on the foundation of good faith and promised quality. It is one of the most widely recognized and respected companies in the world.

    So, how did Apple build their brand?

    Apple was a small business. No one knew who they were. Once they had built their products, they connected with investors to create awareness about their brand. This was one of the first steps they took to create their strong brand equity.

    There’s no doubt that they create top notch products, their quality is not something that is often questioned. Apart from high quality, Apple has been extremely innovative. They constantly churn out new ideas and features. Apple ensures that each new idea is backed with a statement as to how the new idea will contribute and change the world. Apple always spoke of the future while in the present.

    Apple also knows exactly what to focus on, and they did exactly that from the start. Customer Loyalty. The company’s loyal fans came from the premise that their products were that good! Almost every customer that has had a trial has gone back to Apple, repeatedly.

    Apple’s slogan and philosophy is ‘Think Different’. This philosophy is one of the many reasons that the company has such a huge stake in the market. They have done exceptionally well because they revolve around Innovation, change, quality and providing their customers with the best of the best.

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