How Influencer Marketing has Evolved!

  • How Influencer Marketing has Evolved!

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

    2017 was, in more ways than one, the year of Influencer Marketing. A majority of brands connected and collaborated with Influencers in order to market themselves and their products/services. While this trend is relatively new, it can only get bigger from here.

    Influencers are individuals who have a large number of followers on Social Media Platforms/websites, and who create high impact conversations with them. Influencers come from different fields like Fashion, Food and even Lifestyle or Travel. They are self- sufficient and independent and have built a brand solely on their passion and hobbies.

    Influencer Marketing is a blend of old and new marketing techniques and the campaigns are usually collaborations between the Influencer and a brand.

    Influencers are those who has a massive following on Facebook or Instagram, a large number of subscribers on YouTube or other websites or even a large readership on a blogging platform.

    When Influencer marketing was just developing, brands weren’t as open to the idea. Influencers often reached out to businesses for a possible collaboration. But with it’s increasing potential today, Influencers create tons of sponsored content for brands. They are transparent about any paid promotions they make.

    Platforms in turn have recognized Influencer marketing and are impending changes in order to host the same. Instagram has released a new feature ‘branded content’ where in paid partnerships are clearly disclosed to the users. Due to the attention Influencer marketing is gaining, there are now a lot of legalities to be aware of and a set of guidelines set that every Influencer needs to follow when promoting a brand.

    Applications like Upfluence and Tapinfluence have been released that help Influencers track their partnerships, manage the workflow and ease the process.

    Influencers earn their keep from these collaborations and the brands in turn reach out to a large number of potential customers and receive exposure for their brands.

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