Beware of Influencer Fatigue

  • Beware of Influencer Fatigue

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

    There’s no doubt that Influencer Marketing is on the rise. Brands are connecting and collaborating with Influencers to market themselves or their products/services. This isn’t a trend anymore and is a genuine marketing tool used by Brands and Influencers all over the world. But where there’s good, there’s also bad.

    Just like any other marketing tool, Influencer Marketing has its negative side too, which is due to the rise in the number of Influencers. It almost seems like anyone with a massive following on social media can be deemed as an Influencer. Though, it may not be the case, it does make Brands and Agencies reconsider where to spend their money.

    There is such a thing as ‘Influencer Fatigue’. Consumers are smarter and more alert now than they have ever been. So, when they scroll through their feed and come across thousands of influencers promoting products, they know to differentiate between genuine and bogus ads.

    Celebrities are paid huge amounts of money for partnerships with brands they may not even care about, and consumers can very much see through it.

    That, in itself, is a wake-up call for brands as well as Influencers who genuinely do their job in the way it was meant to be done. There is no short cut when it comes to genuineness.

    When followers experience a real connection with an Influencer, they will happily share reviews of advertised products or paid partnerships. More often than not, its easy to find Influencers who are legit, and have a faithful fan following. But what’s more important, is to ensure that they are the right fit for your brand, product/service or company.

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