5 Lead Generation Challenges

  • 5 Lead Generation Challenges

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

    When it comes to generating leads, challenges are inevitable. Selecting the right strategy to implement lead generation, getting the attention of the target audience, measuring, monitoring and trial and error, the list goes on and on. In this blog, we have highlighted 5 Lead Generation challenges faced by Digital Marketers, and how to overcome it!

    Challenge #1 – Lack of audience to generate leads
    Know your audience. The very first step to take, and one that is guaranteed to help you, is to study your target audience. This goes beyond general information, you need to know what is important to them, how they carry out decisions and how to reach out to them. If you can’t find leads, talk to current customers, ask them how they found you, what made them choose you and then implement a strategy to expand your reach.

    Challenge #2 – Monitoring and Measuring Lead Generation Success
    It is crucial to monitor and track results. Not only do you have to monitor and measure the number of leads generated, deals closed and revenue collected, but you also have to measure the progress at each stage. Consistent tracking, measurement and analytics is a must for all lead generation, lead nurturing and sales activities.

    Challenge #3 – Hiring people with the appropriate skills/knowledge to handle lead generation
    More often that not, companies don’t hire a separate entity to handle lead gen. So when employees are busy with their own work, lead generation activities come to a standstill. If you want to have constant lead generation you need to invest in an engine that generates leads unceasingly. Hire individuals whose job it is, to sustain lead generation. It’s a win- win for the company to have staff dedicated solely to generating leads.

    Challenge #4 – Funds for Lead Generation Activities
    It’s important to understand how intertwined sales and lead generation are. They go hand in hand. Usually, the success in the sales department spells out success for the entire company. So, it’s pretty normal to shell out for Lead Gen activities if you have to! Create a detailed lead generation plan with a broad vision and pitch it to the company. Sell the vision, ensure that the vision is tied to the objectives of the company and provide a blue print for success.

    Challenger # 5 – Finding the right Lead Gen strategy
    Start from rock bottom. RESEARCH. Find out who needs you, what they need and how to reach them. Use this information as the base for your strategy. Use a mix of strategies that don’t require expenditure and those that do. Constantly monitor your efforts to know what works for you and alter what doesn’t. Explore various strategies but keep focusing on ROI.

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