5 digital Consumer Trends 2018

  • 5 digital Consumer Trends 2018

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

    The Digital Marketing Platform has been so fast paced, it’s truly been a game of catch up. With social media taking off, rise of the internet and development of technologies, the attitudes and behaviors of consumers have been changing. As marketers, it’s crucial that we keep up with consumer trends as they directly impact digital marketing. We have highlighted 5 trends below that consumers will adapt to this year:

    • VideoToday’s consumers think twice before purchasing a product. They want to experience the brand before they spend their money on it and Video is sure fire way to achieve this. Video as an engagement medium is trending because it ensures that the user is visually pleased. Many brands have already jumped on the band wagon, including video into their online marketing strategies, and this trend is booming as an effective marketing tool.
    • DataData has always been the currency, driving digital marketing. But with the onset of the new year, data is upgrading. Since data increases in volume every single day, owing to the amount of information being voluntarily shared, marketers must realize that it is this data that can support campaigns, improve relevancy, smoothen communication and truly understand the consumer.
    • SubscriptionsThere has been an unprecedented growth in the purchased of subscription-based services. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu are some popular subscription-based services proving that they are legit! Consumers are attracted to this model mainly because of the increased engagement, where they are allowed to modify the service to their convenience. Also, direct engagement = pot of gold!
    • Mobile WalletsMobile wallets are not a sudden trend, they have been growing for the past few years, with a surge since 2017. Mobile Wallets have changed the way marketers engage with their customers, provided offers and discounts. It’s no wonder how this trend has risen, it provides the consumer with a personalized, instant and convenient experience.
    • Voice activated AssistanceAlexa, Siri, Cortana. The increasing adoption of voice activated assistants has changed the way consumers put their life at ease. Allowing them to multi task, instantly get information and easing their daily routine to an extent. Consumers were initially fascinated with these technological advances and used it as a medium of entertainment, but since it’s birth, consumers have fully discovered the potential of these gadgets. Marketers need to work with voice optimization search in order to catch up with this trend!

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